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Level 1: Personal Coaching Foundations
Module 1NCIPCF001: Introduction to Professional Coaching-
Unit 1NCIPCF001.1 Introduction to Professional Coaching (Overview)
Unit 2NCIPCF001.2 Coaching Skills and Coaching Identity
Unit 3NCIPCF001.3 Role of the International Coach Federation (ICF)
Unit 4NCIPCF001.4 ICF Core Competencies of Professional Coaching
Unit 5NCIPCF001.5 Coaching vs Counselling and Consulting
Unit 6NCIPCF001.6 The Phased Coaching Approach
Unit 7NCIPCF001.7 Executive, Business and Life Coaching
Unit 8NCIPCF001.8 Defining Your Coaching Niche
Unit 9NCIPCF001.9 Coaching Systems and Resources
Unit 10NCIPCF001.10 Coaching Career and Business Pathways
Unit 11NCIPCF001.11 Ongoing Professional Development
Unit 12NCIPCF001.12 Professional Coaching Foundations (Assessment)