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Level 3B: Business Coaching Specialisation (Practical)
Module 1NCIBCS002: Plan and Deliver a Business Coaching Strategy Session-
Unit 1NCIBCS002.1 Introduction to Strategy Sessions
Unit 2NCIBCS002.2 Strategy Session Preparation
Unit 3NCIBCS002.3 Strategy Session Delivery
Unit 4NCIBCS002.4 Strategy Session Follow Up
Unit 5NCIBCS002.5 Plan and Deliver a Business Coaching Strategy Session (Assessment)
Module 2NCIBCS003: Implement a Business Coaching Program-
Unit 1NCIBCS003.1 Introduction to Performance Coaching Programs
Unit 2NCIBCS003.2  Performance Coaching Models (GROW)
Unit 3NCIBCS003.3 Design a Business Coaching Program
Unit 4NCIBCS003.4 Performance Coaching Session Delivery
Unit 5NCIBCS003.5 Performance Coaching Management
Unit 6NCIBCS003.6 Implement a Business Coaching Program (Assessment)