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Level 3B: Executive Coaching Specialisation (Practical)
Module 1NCIECS003: Implement an Executive Coaching Program-
Unit 1NCIECS003.1 Introduction to Performance Coaching Programs
Unit 2NCIECS003.2  Performance Coaching Models (GROW)
Unit 3NCIECS003.3 Design an Executive Coaching Program
Unit 4NCIECS003.4 Motivational Interviewing
Unit 5NCIECS003.5 Performance Coaching Management
Unit 6NCIECS003.6 Implement an Executive Coaching Program (Practical)
Module 2NCIECS002: Plan and Deliver an Executive Coaching Strategy Session-
Unit 1NCIECS002.1 Introduction to Strategy Sessions
Unit 2NCIECS002.2 Strategy Session Preparation
Unit 3NCIECS002.3 Strategy Session Delivery
Unit 4NCIECS002.4 Strategy Session Follow Up
Unit 5NCIECS002.5 Undertake an Executive Coaching Strategy Session (Practical)