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The Personal Branding Program
Module 1NCIPBP001 Purpose-
Unit 1NCIPBP002.1 Introduction
Unit 2NCIPBP002.2 The Hero's Journey
Unit 3NCIPBP002.3 Your Personal Story
Unit 4NCIPBP002.4 Your Personal Discovery
Unit 5NCIPBP002.5 Your Personal Mission
Unit 6NCIPBP002.6 Practical Activity
Module 2NCIPBP003 Positioning-
Unit 1NCIPBP003.1 Introduction
Unit 2NCIPBP003.2 Finding Your Space
Unit 3NCIPBP003.3 Practical Activity
Module 3NCIPBP004 Platforms-
Unit 1NCIPBP004.1 Introduction
Unit 2NCIBLP004.4 Website
Unit 3NCIBLP004.7 Instagram and Twitter
Unit 4NCIBLP004.6 LinkedIn
Unit 5NCIPBP004.2 Google Apps
Unit 6NCIBLP004.3 Google Apps
Unit 7NCIBLP004.5 Facebook
Unit 8NCIBLP004.9 Ontraport
Unit 9NCIBLP004.8 Eventbrite
Unit 10NCIPBP004.3 Personal Website
Unit 11NCIPBP004.4 Social Media
Unit 12NCIPBP004.5 Business Systems
Unit 13NCIPBP004.6 Practical Activity
Module 4NCIPBP005 Profile-
Unit 1NCIPBS005.1 Profile
Unit 2NCIPBP005.2 Biography
Unit 3NCIPBP005.3 Video
Unit 4NCIPBP005.4 Photograph
Unit 5NCIPBP005.5 Practical Activity
Module 5NCIPBP006 Programs-
Unit 1NCIPBP006.1 Introduction
Unit 2NCIPBP006.2 Publications
Unit 3NCIPBP006.3 Seminars and Workshops
Unit 4NCIPBP006.4 Training Programs
Unit 5NCIPBP006.5 Coaching
Unit 6NCIPBP006.6 Packaging
Unit 7NCIPBP006.7 Practical Activity
Module 6NCIPBP007 Promotion-
Unit 1NCIPBP007.1 Introduction
Unit 2NCIPBP007.2 Content Marketing
Unit 3NCIPBP007.3 Online Advertising
Unit 4NCIPBP007.4 Speaking Engagements
Unit 5NCIPBP007.5 Traditional Media
Unit 6NCIPBP007.6 Practical Activity
Module 7NCIPBP008 Planning-
Unit 1NCIPBP008.1 Introduction
Unit 2NCIPBP008.2 The 5 Year Plan
Unit 3NCIPBP008.3 The Annual Plan
Unit 4NCIPBP008.4 The Weekly Plan
Unit 5NCIPBP008.5 Practical Activity