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Level 3A: Performance Coaching (Theory)
Module 5NCIPCS007: Direct Communication-
Unit 1NCIPCS007.1 Direct Communication (Introduction)
Unit 2NCIPCS007.2 Recorded Classroom Video
Unit 3NCIPCS007.3 Neuroscience and Direct Communication
Unit 4NCIPCS007.4 Direct vs Indirect Communication
Unit 5NCIPCS007.5 Framing and Reframing
Unit 6NCIPCS007.6 Non Verbal Communication
Unit 7NCIPCS007.7 Clean Language
Unit 8NCIPCS007.8 Applied NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)
Unit 9NCIPCS007.9 Direct Communication (Assessment)
Module 6NCIPCS008: Creating Awareness-
Unit 1NCIPCS008.1 Creating Awareness (Introduction)
Unit 2NCIPCS008.2 Recorded Classroom Video
Unit 3NCIPCS008.3 Neuroscience and Creating Awareness
Unit 4NCIPCS008.4 Self Efficacy
Unit 5NCIPCS008.5 The Johari Window
Unit 6NCIPCS008.6 Self Awareness
Unit 7NCIPCS008.7 Transtheoretical Model - Stages of Behavioural Change
Unit 8NCIPCS008.8 Blind Spots
Unit 9NCIPCS008.9 Coach Awareness
Unit 10NCIPCS008.10 Applied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Unit 11NCIPCS008.11 Creating Awareness (Assessment)
Module 7NCIPCS009: Designing Actions-
Unit 1NCIPCS009.1 Designing Actions (Introduction)
Unit 2NCIPCS009.2 Recorded Classroom Video
Unit 3NCIPCS009.3 Neuroscience of Designing Actions
Unit 4NCIPCS009.4 W - The Way Forward
Unit 5NCIPCS009.5 Action Planning Styles
Unit 6NCIPCS009.6 Skill/Will Model
Unit 7NCIPCS009.7 Brainstorming and Starbursting
Unit 8NCIPCS009.8 Mind Mapping
Unit 9NCIPCS009.9 Asking Questions
Unit 10NCIPCS009.10 Applied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Unit 11NCIPCS009.11 Designing Actions (Assessment)
Module 8NCIPCS010: Planning and Goal Setting-
Unit 1NCIPCS010.1 Planning and Goal Setting (Introduction)
Unit 2NCIPCS010.2 Recorded Classroom Video
Unit 3NCIPCS010.3 Neuroscience of Planning and Goal Setting
Unit 4NCIPCS010.4 S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting
Unit 5NCIPCS010.5 Proximal and Distal Goals
Unit 6NCIPCS010.6 Integration with the Readiness to Change Model
Unit 7NCIPCS010.7 Individual Coaching Plan
Unit 8NCIPCS010.8 Applied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Unit 9NCIPCS010.9 Planning and Goal Setting (Assessment)
Module 9NCIPCS011: Managing Progress and Accountability-
Unit 1NCIPCS011.1 Managing Progress and Accountability (Introduction)
Unit 2NCIPCS011.2 Recorded Classroom Video
Unit 3NCIPCS011.3 The Neuroscience of Managing Progress and Accountability
Unit 4NCIPCS011.4 Building the Foundations
Unit 5NCIPCS011.5 Accountability Structures
Unit 6NCIPCS011.6 Accountability Questions
Unit 7NCIPCS011.7 Managing Progress
Unit 8NCIPCS011.8 Reviewing the Coaching Relationship
Unit 9NCIPCS011.9 Applied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Unit 10NCIPCS011.10 Managing Progress and Accountability (Assessment)